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10 Million Heat Pumps in Europe Party

L'EHPA fête les 10 millions de Pompes à chaleur

Brussels - 6/12/2017

We have a great reason to celebrate - there were 10 million Heat Pumps installed in Europe until now and the number is growing every day.

Client d'oeil de Thierry NILLE - Président de l'AFPAC

Première PAC DE DIETRICH - 1981
10 Million Heat Pumps in Europe Party

La première Pompe à Chaleur en France ?


The first heat pump installed in France is a reverse cycle GSHP for heating and cooling of "La maison de la radio" in Paris in 1963.
The heat source was an aquifer at 600 m depth with a water temperature at 27°C.
It was renovated in 2014 (?) and replaced with a GSHP using water at 14°C from 3 geothermal wells at 45m dept